Bird Radio

by Miss Roberts

A modern one man band.

He’s a very busy man. We are only just getting him to perform with us on Wednesday before he and Chiara Ambrosio fly off to New York together to do a tour of the States the next day.

His music is both medieval and contemporary, etherial and earthy. I envy the way he manages to coordinate so many things live on stage in a song, playing a red suitcase as a drum, operating a loop pedal, playing flute, singing. Some looped music can become quite hypnotic, but Bird Radio manages to be very much there, and engaged with the audience.

His persona is friendly and draws the audience into his world where nursery rhyme and original material mix in surprising ways.

In this video (by Chiara) of the song Who Killed Cock Robin he looks quite fierce and aggressive, but really his stage persona is very loveable.