SMOO – Filthy and loveable

by Miss Roberts

A dirty word that I’m not supposed to say or (and)  something cuddly and loveable like a teddy bear – this is some of what the Urban Dictionary tells me about the word SMOO. It is also the name of the duo combining Ivor Kallin and John Bisset and it suits them well. I’m told they’re like a Scottish version of Derek and Clive with guitar (but not as we know it), and  a little bit of the Goons thrown in. I never listened to Derek and Clive or the Goons but I know I thought SMOO were hilarious! Gifted, filthy, loveable and telepathic.

They’re performing at the Library’s Curious Contraption night Downstairs at the Vortex this Wednesday (7thNov) for free. Here is a video John sent me just to confuse you, it is not much like what I saw them do at Klinker, but its good too.