Winter Newsletter


Now winter is here, the leaves have fallen and the days are short. This is a good time to study the branches of trees, to observe and sketch how they connect to each other. Different trees have different types of branches, the oak for instance has knobbly branches and twigs.

Courses next term

The  Online course in Drawing and Painting nature starts again on Tuesday 19th January. It is a ten week course from 18.00 to 20.00. It is  in association with Imperial College and The South London Botanical Institute. Suitable for beginners. Follow this link for more information:

There will also be an offline course at Citylit running all day on Fridays for 6 weeks, starting on the 15th January. Suitable for both beginners and those with some experience.

Youtube Demo

I’ve put some more demo’s up on Youtube.

This link is to a demonstration I did on how to draw an apple using coloured pencils.


I’m not sure whats happening with real-life exhibitions at the moment but here is a good virtual exhibition of drawings of Oak trees.

Painting tip: The rigger brush is very good for painting tree branches in single strokes.

All course dates can be seen on the website

For further information email